May. 17th, 2017 04:35 am
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Feeling much better now; hope it lasts. Feeling happier about the fic again too.

I wanted an icon of the alien computer Z, or Vincent, as he's called in my stories. (LJ users will have to come to DW to see it, I think....) Z is a behind-the-scenes name, never spoken in the episodes. And I didn't learn of it until long after I was calling him Vincent. Ooops. This is probably the cutest expression he made, when he was praising Baxter for something. He was always praising Baxter's genius, even though he could clearly see Baxter had very little of it left as the fly took over. Opinion is torn as to why. Some think he's just manipulative. Others, like me, think he's trying to ground Baxter in reality as much as possible and keep encouraging him. Heaven knows Baxter needed that. It's just too bad that Z also encouraged him to take revenge, but that could easily enough be because his culture didn't frown on it. Or because even though he can clearly think for himself, he was naive enough to figure that taking revenge would make Baxter happy, and he seems to dote on Baxter's happiness.

This episode has him making himself a body out of solid energy. That is both freakin' weird and awesome, and I never would have thought of such a thing. Props to David Wise! Vincent uses such a device in my stories too. But he also decides to wear clothes there. Hee. Even though he didn't make his body with anything that needed covering up....

The animators drew him with thick, pointed fingers, and only three of them plus a thumb. I imagine that was to make him look more mutant-like. I always draw him with normal fingers, though. I just figure he decided to try something different when he had a second chance at a body.

My Turtles site is at https://sites.google.com/site/exittheflytmnt1987/ I have a lot of fanart, links to the fanfics, musings, an interview with Baxter and Barney's voice actor (squeee!), etc. Wish I knew who voiced Z, so I could talk to him too. I've heard three different possibilities and no one seems to know for sure.

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