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So the outside cat who's been here the longest has always had a good relationship with me. She loved to hang out with me and be petted and occasionally she seemed to want to be carried. She still seems to like being with me, only twice in the last week she's ended up hissing at me during petting sessions. I worried at first maybe I touched something that hurt, but it was different spots each time, and in any case, she was never mad about it before. Also weirdly, after hissing, she settled back down like nothing had happened.

Definitely worried that she's hurt somehow, or getting old and cranky and not liking petting as much anymore, or mad about the other cat that's moved himself in. (And no, he can't get her pregnant; he was apparently fixed by whoever he lived with before.) She doesn't physically act like she's hurt, but I know sometimes cats can hide it. I don't know what to do, and I worry we probably need to have her checked out by a vet, but we have no money to pay a huge bill, and the way she's acting this week, I wonder if I could even get her to come with us to a vet. Previously, I wouldn't have been worried about that at all.

I'm upset and worried and hurt and I feel like I'm losing my friend. I don't like it. At all.

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