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The plushies are done! Yay! I finished the coat last week. Pictures can either be viewed on dA or on my Turtles site:

I also watched the DuckTales pilot, which Disney put up on their official XD YouTube channel. My feelings are mixed.

Life is like a hurricane ... )

Finished a fic I've been working on for close to a week and I'm thrilled with it! Probably will do a slice-of-life follow-up next and then hopefully the class reunion fic.

And I have an odd problem that I've had for many years. I don't know how to solve it. I get hooked on friendships that aren't actually in the shows and I fall in love with them so hard that I am way more invested in them than in most, if not all, canon relationships.

YGO: Marik and Mokuba. I read someone's fic that they'd written while Battle Ship was running. Marik learned the truth of everything and how he had been hurting innocent people and ended up trying to kill himself out of horror and guilt. Seto saved his life and while he was recovering, Mokuba made friends with him. I fell in love with the idea of the friendship and incorporated it into my fics.

Princess Tutu: Autor and Ahiru. Ahiru doesn't like him in the series and there's no indication she ever feels differently. In a cute sequel that most voice-actors participated in, Autor is friendly towards her but she doesn't reciprocate. I felt, however, that if she really saw that Autor was a good person behind his obnoxious behavior she would come to like him after all. That happened in my fics and their friendship really took off.

TMNT 87: Baxter and Michelangelo. I never intended that to happen, especially since Michelangelo was my least favorite Turtle. But I soon realized that he would be the most forgiving and the most willing to make friends. That developed naturally without me trying to force it and they are very close now. (Also, I think Michelangelo is my second favorite Turtle in the 1987 series now, behind Leonardo. How did that happen?!)

With all of these, the problem is the same: I love these relationships so much that there is a very real danger of crowding out actual, canon relationships in my desire to focus on them. Like Seto and Mokuba, for instance. I'd get so caught up in Marik having adventures with Mokuba and trying to help him that he would probably overstep his bounds and Seto would get crowded out, especially in role-plays. I think I was a little better with fics. With Autor and Ahiru, sometimes it was a little hard to get Fakir in there. But I really tried hard not to make the same mistakes as I did with Marik and Mokuba.

Same with Baxter and Michelangelo, I really try to have a balance between them and the other Turtles' interaction with Michelangelo. But it is hard. And I worry I don't always succeed and lean more towards Baxter and Michelangelo interaction/it looking like Michelangelo is closer to Baxter instead. It doesn't help that I see the 87 group more as friends than brothers, since they seem to see themselves as such, and that I have trouble getting into the Turtles' minds, usually, except for Michelangelo. Baxter is so much easier to write for and I have accepted that he's my favorite character. Writing for him and Michelangelo thrills me. It's just so cute and squeeful. An improbable and unlikely friendship to be sure, and yet somehow it seems to work.

With the Turtles, I think Donatello is the one I like writing with Michelangelo the most. I always had the impression that they were particularly close in other media, like the old movies and the Archie comics. I originally thought the 87 series didn't focus on them much, but I've been noticing nuggets of interaction on re-watches that make me really happy. But I still like writing Michelangelo interacting with Baxter the most. I don't know how to not feel that way.

I know a lot of people have similar problems with their fanon romantic ships, so I suppose I shouldn't feel too bad/guilty. But I don't want to crowd out important canon relationships, so the struggle to achieve a good balance will go on. Maybe part of me feels bad because I like something I made up with the characters more than the actual canon and I usually find it easier/more squeeful to write.


Jun. 16th, 2017 04:02 am
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So the closer we get to the DuckTales reboot, the more I dread it. Most people seem to get more excited the more they learn, while I get more uneasy. My suspicions that it will be a mix of DuckTales and comic elements are shared by others. Of course, the thing that worries me most about bringing in comic elements is that Scrooge just wasn't as close to his family in the comics, whereas their bond in the series was probably the sweetest thing about it. I just watched a YouTube video where someone was musing at length on that point. My one hope for the new series is that Launchpad made a cute quote about family, so perhaps family will still be a driving force.

Of course, in the end, eh, it's just a TV show and if I don't like it I can always put on the classic. Which I'm sure I will do even if I do end up liking the new one. They just released the opening and it's fun enough. I'm glad Glomgold will be sticking to his TV series roots instead of his comic roots. But still super leery overall. Also really hoping it won't be a period piece like the comics.... I think that would depress me.

Ah well. I need to think about other matters, like how to celebrate Christopher Cary's birthday today. I dug up a trailer for a movie he made called Beyond the Universe and squeed all over that he was in the trailer. It's not my kind of movie at all; I hate post-apocalyptic stuff. But I'd watch it for him. It looks like his part in it is pretty big.

Maybe later today I'll watch his Riptide episode.

Also, still having a ball with my slice-of-life fic. I hope the readers won't be annoyed by its presence. It's mainly a bunch of conversations tying up loose ends from the prior fic, but there's also a mini-conflict and some hints of things to come.

Finally, we do have hot water again! Squeee!

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