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Apparently I had intended to take this quiz last May, but never got around to it.

Say Hello to Steve Drumm as our icon host today. I think I'm one of his only fans. Poor Steve. He's really an interesting character in his own right.

5 Favorite recurrent characters you love to write about and why in no particular order:
1. Hamilton Burger (Perry Mason). He’s my favorite character from the show. It was his friendship with Perry that made me sit up and take notice to begin with, and this past year I started paying a great deal of attention to him and realized what a wonderful, kind, honest person he is. He deserves more attention in the fandom, which I am more than happy to lavish on him.
2. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII and/or Kingdom Hearts). Sephiroth, when he’s sane, is intriguing, aloof, serious, and a good friend. I’ve picked up writing for him again in To Blossom As the Rose and found that I still have the touch.
3. Duke Devlin (Yu-Gi-Oh!). Duke is a character whose potential is rarely explored by fanfic writers. I detest how the anime murdered his introduction story; it’s so serious and dark in the manga and gives him so much depth. (And there are no cheerleaders!) I like writing for him with his manga backstory inserted in the anime events. It’s kind of sad; the manga-ka gave him such an awesome intro and then kind of forgot about him. He didn’t even develop an interesting sub-plot with Duke and his cynical views in Battle City. The anime, on the other hand, involved Duke in that and other adventures.
4. Lieutenant Schrank (West Side Story). Played by the incomparable Simon Oakland, Schrank is a world-weary policeman who has to put up with and try to stop the local teen gangs. Unlike the characters I generally write, Schrank uses slang and bad grammar, and probably realizes but doesn’t care. He’s another generally overlooked character, one I find fascinating to explore.
5. Yami Bakura/Thief King Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!). My first favorite character (not my favorite overall, but literally the first character who became a favorite). It’s a puzzle trying to separate his personality from that of Zorc’s, but I like to try. Things were simpler before we had Zorc to worry about. But Yami Bakura as I wrote him recently is a much darker character because of the Zorc mess. I still like putting him in humorous situations too, as I did years ago.

5 Recurrent characters you hate/don’t care to write about and why in no particular order:
1. Noa Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!). Like Crystal, he’s just never appealed to me. Worse, I’m not sure exactly why. It might go back to my dislike of child villains. Noa’s behavior seems ten times more disturbing because of his age. I’ve heard that the English dub mashed up at least some of the reasons behind what he did, though. I was told that in the original he wanted the others there in his virtual world so he wouldn’t be alone. Although even if it started that way, it seems his goals must have changed later. The way he treated everyone during his duel with Seto was just sadistic.
2. Vivian Wong (Yu-Gi-Oh!). I know she was supposed to be a parody of rabid fangirls, and hence annoying, and boy does she succeed. She is a stalking nightmare. I seethe when she abducts Solomon and deliberately injures his bad back to force Yugi to duel her, and insists on him being her love slave should she win. I shudder every time I see someone who wants her and Duke to pair up. Gosh, what a horrible fate for Duke!
3. Lilie (Princess Tutu). Now she is a sadistic little prick. She is always hoping for Ahiru to be miserable because she looks so cute when she’s miserable and Lilie wants to comfort her. She only showed genuine concern once, in episode 7. It says right on her official profile that what she loves is Ahiru’s failure and what she doesn’t like is Ahiru’s success. She is one messed-up nutcase.
4. Everyone on Gensomaden Saiyuki. Now, let me make it clear, I love them, but I don’t like writing for them. I can get their personalities alright, I think, but I can’t come up with anything decent to write about them. The one thing I tried to write, I didn’t like, and I’m not sure the recipient did either. I never have posted it anywhere.
5. … I can’t really think of anyone, unless I list another cast for a show I just haven’t been able to write for. Or unless I list Mr. Ishtar from Yu-Gi-Oh! He was vicious and cruel to Rishid, and I don’t know if he cared about Marik so much as he cared about just having a son to be an heir.

5 one-shot characters that I enjoyed writing about and why in no particular order.
1. Mignon Germaine (Perry Mason). From season 8’s The Fatal Fetish, she is a good friend of Hamilton’s. Her son works in his office as an assistant D.A. She is an aloof woman who cares deeply about her son and doesn’t want harm to come to him. Her bond with Hamilton is deep and strong and I just adore expanding on it.
2. Tony Ferano (The Monkees). From episode 25, Alias Micky Dolenz, he is the right-hand man of Baby Face Morales, the gangster lookalike of Micky’s. He has a wide range of hilarious expressions as he reacts to various nonsensical situations around him. Usually he is serious and cold, in fact, downright icy. He was a former policeman with Detroit, where he ran various illegal operations.
3. Baby Face Morales (The Monkees). Also from Alias Micky Dolenz. He has a hair-trigger temper and is very dangerous. Alternately, he can actually be oddly philosophical (in my stories). He and Tony have a bond of sorts, but it’s on-again off-again in between warring with each other.
4. Ruby (The Monkees). Yet still from Alias Micky Dolenz, Ruby is Baby Face’s girlfriend. Although seemingly ditzy in the episode, I generally write her as being smarter and more serious. She always worries about Baby Face and the chances he takes. She wishes he would leave crime behind and take her away somewhere to settle down.
5. Captain Caldwell (Perry Mason). From season 4’s The Misguided Missile, Captain Caldwell was an investigator from the inspector general’s office. He was killed by a nut while trying to solve a mystery surrounding the titular object. It was a very unnecessary and tragic death.

And a bonus, “David Tanaka” (Yu-Gi-Oh!). I put his name in quotations because it’s my invention. He doesn’t even have a canonical name. But he talks with Duke in his first episode and seems to be a close friend. In the English dub he’s the manager of Duke’s store.

5 characters I want to write about for future fics:
Would this refer to characters I haven’t ever written for? If so, I’m honestly not sure how to answer that. I think everyone I want to write for I’ve tried at least once.

Your favorite penned fiction and why (there can be two if there is a tie): Probably Lead Me Through the Fire for Yu-Gi-Oh! It developed Duke’s character a great deal, as well as that of the afore-mentioned David. It was very dark, included no magic or supernatural goings-on (well, except for something brief at the very end), and included a death that, try as I might, I haven’t been able to reverse in other fics and fully feel good about. I didn’t want the character dead, but it feels like it was so important that I can’t really change it. That doesn’t mean my sequel will remain unfinished, but it does mean I’m having trouble with it.

Also, The Case of the Broken Ties for Perry Mason. It is Hamilton’s and Paul’s story, as they work in desperation to reverse a spell that has caused everyone else to forget all or part of their memories. It develops Hamilton and Mignon’s friendship as well as the interaction between Hamilton and Paul. It’s amusing; while my favorite YGO fic has nothing supernatural for a generally supernatural series, this story is full of the supernatural for a series that always relied instead on logic.

Your least favorite penned fiction and why (there can be two if there is a tie): Probably Family Ties and Family Secrets, both Yu-Gi-Oh!. My mind was seriously messed up when I wrote those things. I don’t even agree with my portrayal of Mr. Ishtar anymore. I wish I could just remove them both. I only leave them there because people like them and I know how frustrating it is when something disappears that you like.

People’s favorite fiction of yours (by review count and positive postings): Probably still Frantic in Frisco, one of my old Yu-Gi-Oh! mysteries. 288 reviews. Good Heaven. I wish I could duplicate that feat someday.

People’s least favorite fiction of yours (by review count and negative postings): I have no idea.

If you are a member of Fanfiction.Net, how many people have you on their favorites’ list: … 660 (okay, my jaw is dropping now)

If you are a member of Fanfiction.Net, how many people have you on Author Alert: 283
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1. The first character I fell in love with: ... That is a really good question. I became very fond of all the main cast, and of Hamilton and Perry's friendship, and of Tragg. Sometimes I think he was the first character I really became very fond of. But if we're being literal and talking about crushes, that would be Hamilton.
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Lieutenants Anderson and Drumm. I am always very lukewarm about replacement characters, and I was dreading going into the episodes where Tragg appeared less, but both Andy and Steve have worked their way into my heart.
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't: ... Gosh, I don't think this applies. I love everyone.
4. The character I love that everyone else hates: Hamilton.
5. The character I would hug anytime: Haha, I'd be way too shy and embarrassed to do it much, but I would definitely like to give Hamilton a hug.
6. The character I'd want to be like: Della. Loyal, kind, and patient. Although I highly doubt I could ever enjoy secretarial work. I absolutely hate typing things into the computer from pieces of paper. It stresses me and sets my teeth on edge. I make a lot of typos when I type things in, too. I much prefer just typing into the computer to begin with and not looking at anything.
7. The character I'd slap: Some of the murderers and other undesirables. Probably especially James Coburn's character in The Envious Editor.
8. A pairing that I love: I'm not sure there's really any that I would put in this category. I think Perry and Della belong together, but I don't really like reading romance stories with them or having them officially hook up. I love their interaction on the series too much to change it.

I really love the feuding ex-couple in The Guilty Clients, though. It looked like they despised each other so much and yet they really loved each other so deeply.
9. A pairing that I despise: I can't think of any that I despise, either. I hated the idea of Julie Adams' character hooking up with the young guy in The Fatal Fortune. He was such a jerk! His father was a much better person. But that non-pairing resolved itself, so I don't know that it qualifies.
10. Favorite character: Hamilton.
11. What are your five favorite things about your fandom?

- The fans are very nice. A lot more accepting of a supernatural story than I thought they'd be.

- The characters are wonderful. It's admittedly hard for there to be a lot of development when there's that formula, but the writers tried their best to do what they could. And the actors delivered the material beautifully.

- Season 2! Almost every episode of season 2 is epic and has wonderful scenes between Perry and Hamilton. They still clash in court, but you can clearly see that their relationship has developed greatly from season 1. They are friends.

- Season 6. Along the same lines as 2. But 6 goes even deeper. Hamilton is very relaxed by season 6. Many episodes show his softer side and how kind he is. And he and Perry team up for several awesome episodes.

- That theme song. A good theme is important for a series, and the jazzy strains of Park Avenue Beat surely make for one of the most recognizable themes even today.
12. What are your five least favorite things about your fandom?

- That it's so difficult to find gen stories. I swear, I've never seen a pairing take over a fandom so completely as Perry/Della takes over the Perry fanbase. There's maybe two or three gen stories on besides my own, and all the rest is Perry/Della romance.

- That the show's writers kept falling back on tired cliches to keep the formula moving. I honestly don't like when Hamilton or the police suspect Perry of bending the law after the point when Perry isn't doing that so much. I know that there's some level of continuity to it; since he did it before they have no way of knowing when he might do it again. But it's still kind of irritating. They tapered off on that after season 4, I believe. At least for the most part.

- That season 9 is such a mixed bag. More than any other season, you don't know what you're going to get when it's a season 9 episode. There are some wonderful gems, but there is also a higher ratio of disasters. The episode I detest the most, The 12th Wildcat, is season 9. And there's some others I really don't care to see again, including the last episode The Final Fadeout. I understand why they did what they did, I believe, but I still don't like that we ended the series on an episode where Hamilton is off in orbit. At least he came back to Earth by the end.

- That it's so difficult to catch episodes from seasons 7 and 8. I don't think Columbia House released many of them, either. So until my local station shapes up and/or CBS starts releasing these seasons, I rely on other fans to see most of these episodes. I'm endlessly grateful, but I can hardly wait to get hold of DVD copies.

- That there's so many instances of failing marriages among the guest-star characters. I like seeing a marriage that's happy. When they do feature one, it's a special treat.
13. Who are your five favorite characters? Hamilton, Perry, Andy, Tragg, and Della. With Mignon Germaine as a runner-up.
14. Who are your five least favorite characters? I love all the main cast. And I think James Coburn in The Envious Editor is about the only guest-star who has made me want to go RAWR. He was very talented at playing an absolutely despicable character. I also didn't like the girl in The Sleepy Slayer who supposedly had a nervous breakdown. As it turned out, it was an act the whole time and she was wicked.
15. What are your five favorite pairings? None! Unless we want to talk about platonic pairings. Then I could come up with a list.

- Perry & Hamilton
- Hamilton & Mignon
- Perry & Della
- Hamilton & Della
- All of the main cast collectively interacting with each other
16. What are your five least favorite pairings? None.
17. Which character are you most like? Probably none of them. But I do have a tendency to fly off the handle when I'm pushed too far, as Hamilton does.
18. What is your deep, dark fandom secret? I don't think I have one. Unless it's that I can't draw the characters. I haven't drawn much at all the past year because the characters I've been interested in for all series I just can't draw. Except I can draw passable Monkees and Baby Face and his gang. But Kolchak, West Side Story, and Perry? No.
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I looked through some of my old quizzes just for the purpose of finding one I'd like to do. And I decided to take this one using Hamilton Burger.

1) What is your opinion of this character? If you like, explain why you like him/her. Likewise if you dislike the character. I love him! I really find it unfair that so many people don't appreciate him or have misconceptions about him. But instead of going on and on about why he's wonderful, I'll just link to this:
2) Is he/she important to the general plot? Yes, he is. He's Perry's main rival/sparring partner. When he's not around, there's a terrible sense of something missing.
3) Can you relate to this character at all? Do they grip you emotionally? I can relate to him, actually. He's honest and has a great deal of integrity, but he's not perfect. He gets frustrated. He yells. He blurts out things he shouldn't. Heaven knows I've made a fool of myself as he's done on occasion.
4) How much do you like the fandom that this character comes from? Very much. It has its flaws, but the positive trumps the negative.
5) Do you ship this character with any other character? Or, are you particularly intrigued by their relationship with any other character(s)? (romance-wise or platonic) I do not ship him with anyone. If I were to do so, however, it would be with Mignon Germaine from season 8's The Fatal Fetish. I love their friendship so much, and I've loved expanding on it in my stories.

I also love his interaction with Perry. It was what really intrigued me about the show in the first place. In spite of their clashes in court, and Hamilton's frustration, they keep getting together as friends.

I wish he had interacted more with Della and Paul. I try to explore their interaction with him in my stories.
6) Is there anything about the character you would change? I would change that Erle Stanley Gardner never let him win. The show's writers tried to write scripts where he won sometimes, but Gardner rejected them.
7) If you were in the fandom with this character or knew this character in real life, how do you see yourself interacting with him/her? (Would you get along well? Fall in love with? Dislike? Friendly rivalry? etc etc) I think I would be very shy, but I would approach him anyway. He would be polite and kind, and I would go away squeeing to myself.
8) Does this character make the cut as one of your all time favorites (if you like) or least favorites? He is my favorite character.
9) Would you hype up this character (if you like) or warn about (if you dislike) to someone whose new to the fandom? I would hype up his fascinating friendship with Perry. I would also hype him up where I could, recommending his best episodes and such. But I would warn about the formula and that one has to look beyond that for the meat of the show.
10) Is this character popular with the fanbase? No, he is not. I believe he's one of the most unpopular characters. Or at least, his fans don't seem to be very vocal online. I know he's well-loved; CBS was deluged with letters from fans who wanted him back during that scandal with William Talman. I do not know, however, if any of them saw him the same way I do.
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Okay, here's that silly Gee, Officer Krupke parody I wrote. I'm very proud of these silly lyrics; I thought a long time about how to keep the flavor of the original song while adapting it to what I wanted. I kept a scant few of the original lyrics when they fit the situation.

I should explain first: the conceited nut the fuss is all about is an original character of mine. He started out as me just role-playing Don Karnage from Disney's Talespin, but he ended up so different years later that I decided he was no longer that character but someone else altogether. And he became my own character. He's still called Karnage, but if I ever do anything nationally with him, of course he'd be called something else. I have another name all in readiness, just in case. And this Karnage is an anthropomorphic Alaskan Malamute instead of a ... whatever Don Karnage is. (I insist he's a fox, but the comic said he's a wolf.)

I find conceited behavior repulsive when taken seriously, but as a gag it's one of the things I find funnier than just about anything else. I kept pushing the limits with this guy in my role-plays with Mom. He's just about as outrageous as you could get. When something goes wrong, like losing a piece of fur, he goes into these states where he just screams "Me, me, me" until the problem is solved. He joined the Army and was under the command of General Stilton from Disney's The Cat From Outer Space. And Corporal Klinger from M*A*S*H became his best friend. (The time period for the role-play is the present day, and we liberally throw in characters from all eras, although in the role-play they haven't time-traveled or anything like that; they just live in the present day and that's the way it's always been.) I don't think Karnage is still in the Army, though. He met Hamilton Burger when he barged into court one day, took the witness stand, and said in all sincerity, "I solemnly swear that I'm glorious." He was promptly charged with contempt of court and kept on racking up the charges when he wouldn't shut up. Hamilton prosecuted and this song came out of the silliness.

EDIT: I've thought for a long time that I should add spoken dialogue between each verse, just like the real song has. I've added some in.

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