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Website:Lucky_Ladybug's Library
My Turtles site, devoted to my 1987 Turtles verse:

I have a Tumblr, mostly devoted to squeeing over lovely pictures of the men I particularly admire. Classic movie and TV character actors abound!

The great character actor Simon Oakland deserves to be more fully remembered now and into the future. Please visit and follow From the Desks of the INS: In Honor of Simon Oakland, a blog devoted to this wonderful man and his amazing characters. The website, The Unofficial Simon Oakland Tribute, is now online as well.

For over a decade, I have been acquainted with the beloved Perry Mason characters. I have decided to open a blog devoted to my thoughts concerning this television classic. Please visit Objection Overruled for all things Perry-related.

If you're seeking my fic announcements journal, I rarely update there anymore, but you can still visit at ladybug_tales!

For those looking for Monkee goodness, please visit: !

yamsteapot made this wonderful and awesome LJ banner!

Hmmm. . . . What to say. . . . I am a Japanese animé-loving LDS (Mormon) girl and proud of it! I enjoy some American cartoons too.

Examples of Japanese shows I like:
Yu-Gi-Oh! (always my #1)
Princess Tutu
Sonic X
Magic Knight Rayearth
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing

Examples of American shows I like:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 version)
Teen Titans
The Batman (surprisingly good and fun. It doesn't deserve the bad rap it gets. Do try it!)
Justice League (three-dimensional characters, solid plots, and amazing voice acting. George Newbern as Superman ... yessss. X3)

In my humble opinion, the world's best video games come from Japan. Case in point: The Final Fantasy series (particularly VII and its compilation), the Kingdom Hearts series, Phoenix Wright, and the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Oh, and Mario.

I'm not crazy about too many recent American cartoons, save for the ones that I listed. They're just not what they used to be, in general. However, some of Disney's old ones are absolute gems. It's amazing, some of the stuff they got away with in TaleSpin and even DuckTales, my two favorites. Darkwing Duck was also awesome in general, though I think Disney's biggest mistake with it was falling back on Warner Brothers' type physical humor. It could have been so much better without any of that.

Likewise, I'm not a big fan of the violence in said Warner Brothers cartoons (in fact, I downright can't stand it). However, I love some of the characters, and some of the dialogue in those old cartoons was priceless.

Writing is my passion and I'm always working on something or another. I find friendships and other platonic relationships much more fascinating than romance, in general, and it's very rare that I will write anything that isn't platonic. However, there are a few certain romantic pairings that I am devoted to, such as Zack/Aerith and Seto/Téa (the latter of which is the pairing I can never get away from).

I also adore the YGO anime-only characters and arcs. They deserve love too! Support the filler arcs, people!

Non-shipping umm...?

Made by dai_atlas. Isn't it purty?

And these are called lovebars. All three of these were made by incosmiccaravan

I'm going to send the most recent colorbars to the top, so this doesn't get messy.

Made by amanechan:

(The above seven are Christmas and birthday presents. ♥ Thanks muchly! **hugs them.**)

From mein_requiem. Thanks so much!

And these are by yamsteapot, but I came up with the tagline for the Siegfried one.

Image hosted by
Siegfried is flamboyant businessman love.

Image hosted by
The Bikers are Doomed New Beginnings Love

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