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Thanks to circumstances out of my control, I was, as I feared, not able to do my shopping thing on my birthday. And I wasn't able to celebrate at all until late in the day. But I got some awesome things, including the Orange Islands set and The Loner, which actually isn't as much of a downer show as I was led to believe. It's great so far! I'm so glad I decided to ask for it. I only did because Dad initially couldn't find the Pokemon set, as the clerk and the computer system were both inefficient.

I finally got to do the shopping thing this past night, whereupon I got the bat and also the second Sailor V manga. I also discovered that Barnes and Noble is clearancing most of the first line of Sailor Moon Figuarts figures for 50%! They didn't have the ones I wanted most, unfortunately, and none of them seem to have Mercury, alas. But Chibi Moon seems to be around at some stores up North, and I just so happen to have another chance to go up that way this weekend! So I may get her, and if I do, I may pick up another character while I'm at it because these prices are incredible. There won't be another chance to get them this low, I imagine. Once they disappear from physical stores, the prices will probably only go up.

My Venus is gorgeous, by the way. I changed her expression to the perky one and she's so cute! I have her holding Artemis. I could get Super Sailor Moon among these clearance ones, but I'd rather have the original Sailor Moon who comes with Luna. I don't think Super Sailor Moon does. I couldn't seem to see a Luna in the package. I will probably keep a look-out for the original Sailor Moon on Saturday. I also may try to find Jupiter, as she seems to be hard to get. I'm sure I saw one at this Barnes and Noble before, so she was apparently already bought when they went on clearance. Neptune and Saturn I don't think I've ever seen in the wild.

I've had some oddball things happen, like not being able to get the birthday coupon from Build-a-Bear yet. At first the lady on the phone didn't know what I was talking about. Then I got sent an expired coupon. When I asked, the lady on the email was chagrined that she'd sent an expired one and said they didn't have any for the current month yet. WTH. She'd send one when they come in. But I decided I should get the bat tonight, in case she'd sell out or the coupon would only come when I wouldn't have a chance to go or something. I think I made the right choice. I had a little more remaining on the gift card than I thought, so that was awesome. And there were only four of her in the bin! Yikes! I was told they would restock, though. But I'm glad I got her. She's even more incredible in person! I'm going to put her next to Milly and they can be best buds.

Another oddball thing is that the seller I messaged asking about the unsealed box doesn't seem to have answered. That's the third seller in a row who hasn't answered an eBay message from me. That seems too weird, so I wonder if the problem is on my end. But there is a place at eBay for messages from members, so even if the email copy didn't come through, it seems like I'd find the messages there if they replied. So bizarre. Why are sellers suddenly not responding to me?!

While at Barnes and Noble, I slightly debated returning the manga to get a figure instead, but I really want a figure in addition to the manga. I've been wanting the other Sailor V volume for years and this was a great time to buy. For some reason, Barnes and Noble is doing 10% off all book buys until the 23rd! Very unusual! That said, if I'd found the figures on clearance before I bought the manga, I might not have bought it. But once I did, I didn't want to return it. The figures on clearance, ironically, were over where Dad was waiting, the one place I hadn't thought to check for clearance stuff. So after I bought the manga and Mom and I were going to get him, suddenly I saw them and we were there a while longer.

I really wanted to buy something at Toys R Us and give them business, but I just couldn't find anything I wanted that much. The one thing I might have bought, a Miraculous Ladybug doll, was part of a BOGO 50% off sale, only there weren't any other characters left that I could include, save for the expensive two-doll pack that I can't get right now. So maybe I'll check another Toys R Us on Saturday. I could have just bought the one doll by herself, but I felt I'd rather see if I could find two at another store and then decide whether to buy. I might not because of the Sailor Moon figure sale.

It was really sad being there. Their plushie section has seriously dwindled. Unless it's moving elsewhere in the store, there weren't any FAO Schwartz plushies anymore. No Maine Coon cat. There isn't even a Sonic section! I found one lonely Knuckles plushie and nothing else. And they've reduced their Turtles section. And of what's still there, no new 87 keychains beyond what was there before. And all Mega Construx Turtles stuff is being clearanced out. So sad. Of course, the latter isn't a Toys R Us problem but something Mega Construx is doing all over. I think the Mutagen Canisters are not clearancing out, but regardless, Toys R Us didn't have any. Sad. I still need to pick up another Baxter to make into Barney for my dA friend, and I wonder if I should get a second one to have on hand here in case someone else wants one and they do clearance out and disappear. I don't know, though; all Wal-Marts other than mine seem to be stocked pretty good on the Canisters right now. Seriously, though, Toys R Us getting rid of stuff like the FAO Schwartz plushies and reducing what's available to buy doesn't seem like a good move when they're already in financial trouble. They should hang onto their merchandise unless they find they have to get rid of it. And I always wanted that Maine Coon, but there was rarely ever a sale. If I see it at another Toys R Us, maybe I should get it.

Before I went out, I debated things to get at Barnes and Noble and another thing I considered was that Leonardo and Mousers set. That was the only place I've ever seen it, but now it wasn't there anymore. But eh, it's a little cheaper on Amazon anyway. Also, the Technodrome set is down to $104 on Amazon! Still more than I want to spend on one toy, but that is awesome! I wish the Splinter would be available some other way, though, because I'm afraid I'll never get to have him.

I've been enjoying the Pokemon episodes, watching old favorites and seeing others I don't remember or never actually saw. I think Pikachu Re-Volts is my new favorite episode, heh. I try to avoid rewatches until I've gone through everything, but I might have to watch that one again soon anyway. I still like Holy Matrimony!, except for cringing at how Jessie and Meowth kept trying to force James to go home and marry against his will. I loved when he finally had enough and yelled at them! But it's not the episode with James talking about the marble house. I wonder what episode that was.

Misty hasn't frightened me with her temper yet, but I'm sure she will soon. In the episodes I've seen so far, though, she was in the right to be frustrated or angry. I love when she exclaims, "James is right here!" when everybody starts bawling at the Little Match Girl story James starts telling with himself in the role. LOL. And Ash was being a jerk in The Ghost of Maiden's Peak and insulting her, and he and Brock were both being a little annoying in The Purr-fect Hero. That said, a paper fan shouldn't hurt and it looked like it hurt, so I don't like them making it look like Misty hurt them when there's no logical reason why that would have hurt.

I'm still considering updating my old fic, but I'm thinking I would probably leave the original up. Someone was actually reading it yesterday. And liking it, incredibly. I think I might call the new version Dead and Alive: Director's Cut or some such, because if I leave the old one up, I need some way of identifying the new one as being connected with it.

I also got an intense Turtles plunnie after reading a series of blurbs a friend has been showing me. I immediately wrote a blurb, love it, and want to write a full-length fic. But the bat one is supposed to be next and I've already made a dent in it. It doesn't absolutely have to be next, though, so I wonder if I may write back and forth on the two fics at once and whichever one is done first will go up next. My attention is wavering again. As much as I like to write slice-of-life or humorous fics as breaks, it doesn't take long and I'm anxious to do more character-developing intense stuff and squee again.
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So I was hoping to get a $5 gift card for Toys R Us from a new survey company I joined over the summer. It's still unavailable, unfortunately. I wonder if that has something to do with the Chapter 11 bankruptcy. I figured that I should get whatever I was going to get now, in case it didn't deliver immediately because of the weekend. The Barnes and Noble one, the other one I was considering, was available this time, so I got it. And it did deliver immediately, squee! I have it printed out and in my bag, ready to go.

I was already kind of wanting to go to Barnes and Noble to look at their anime section, but now it will definitely be a place I'll want to go and I'll need to plan on possibly being there a bit longer if I have a hard time deciding what to get with the gift card. I don't know if I'll buy some anime thing or a book. Probably not DVDs because their prices are usually awful even with discounts. And Amazon usually has better manga prices. It's silly to even be thinking of this, especially if I get the Figuarts Mercury, but there are some cute mini-figures I was tempted by last time. I think they're only $10 and they had Mercury and Venus the last time I was there. I might get one of them. They're semi-chibi, but not the big head kind, so I found them kind of cute and appealing. And I am a sucker for merchandise of characters I love.

Other possibilities are a necklace of some kind. I think they had some with the girls' symbols and colors, so I could get Mercury or Venus of that.

We'll have to see. I really love their anime section.

(Pondering on my favorite Senshi to collect, I remember loving Mercury right away. She was always the one most like me, except that she loves math. Other things about her: shy, introverted, serious, logical, fit very well. And it didn't hurt that she's the blue one. :) I was thrilled about that! Venus I took some time warming up to, as I recall. She can be so ditzy and odd. I think things like the episode with her backstory helped a lot for me to like her and see her as more than a Sailor Moon clone. Actually, she was the original and Sailor Moon was the "clone", interestingly enough, so that's probably why they share some personality traits. Venus is also the October baby, so I feel a connection to her on that level too. Years ago, when they had those Sailor Senshi guides, I was able to get hers. I couldn't get Mercury's, or rather, I didn't want to, because it was badly damaged. Sniffle.)

I also have a 20% off coupon for ShopKo, which is more useful than the birthday emails they usually send. I seem to remember in past years that they sent "several dollars off a $50 purchase" emails and we hardly ever buy something that much at ShopKo. I'm thinking I want to try a ShopKo other than the closest one and see if their Halloween section is any better than here.

I have to admit, I also really wanted to go to F.Y.E. to see their anime and clearance sections. It's a little store, the mall one, but they manage to have a lot of fun things.

So now the list looks like this:

- F.Y.E.
- Build-a-Bear (with briefly peeking into two or three other stores near it)
- Toys R Us
- Barnes and Noble
- ShopKo
- Party store
- Target
- Little Caesar's
- Wal-Mart

Usually I have to trim the list way down because we don't get away in time to go everywhere. I'd probably drop F.Y.E. if I had to, since I'll be seeing Barnes and Noble's anime section. And the only reason I want to go to Target is for Halloween stuff, so if I find something somewhere else, I wouldn't especially want to go there.

I had kind of wanted to peek in T.J. Maxx to see if they have any Equestria Girls dolls, but that's definitely not as high a priority as everything else.

I usually list the times that things close when I make these lists. Toys R Us keeps changing their hours, though. By now I'm so confused I'm not sure what their current hours are. I think they may have gone back to 9:30, the way it used to be when I was a kid? They're about the only store I know to close on a half-hour.

All mall stores close at 9. I believe the party store does too. (And T.J. Maxx.) Barnes and Noble is 10, except on the weekends. ShopKo and Little Caesar's are also 10. Target is midnight, last I knew. Wal-Mart, of course, never closes. I think all our Wal-Marts are Supercenters, so that's awesome.

I also usually make a list of everything I'm hoping to get and the projected prices of such, but right now a lot of things are nebulous. I plan to get the bat at Build-a-Bear, unless I get so enamored by the Songbird Pony that I have to get her. I'd rather wait on her, though, especially since the bat will only be here through Halloween. And Songbird costs more. I was thinking today, though, that that's actually one of my aunt's nicknames for me, so I should definitely get Songbird at some point to have my "namesake." :)

Other than the bat and vague hopes of finding a wig and/or lab coat for Halloween, I don't have much in mind to get. Something anime at Barnes and Noble, probably. I kind of wanted to see if F.Y.E. has a Turtles hoodie that the bigger store had, but even if they have it for the same price, I might not get it. It's not practical, as I don't need a hoodie, and if I'm getting it for fun there's other things I'd probably rather have for fun. Must be careful with money.... Don't know what I might find at Toys R Us, but I definitely hope to find something so I can give them some business. Maybe something Pony, maybe Miraculous Ladybug, maybe TMNT or even Star Wars, Mario, or Sonic. Maybe even something like that F.A.O. Schwartz Maine Coone cat plushie if it's on sale. Still debating getting the Johto set at Wal-Mart, but since I have Indigo and I did finally tell Mom about the Orange Islands one, I'll have plenty of episodes to keep me busy for a while, so I might hold off on Johto. I wish I could find season 1 of Rockford, since it's the only one I'm missing. Squee, I remember how ecstatic I was the year I found season 4 at Target. I think that was the last year they had a lot of oldies TV shows.

I love that I have a little bit of a gift card I can use for the bat, as well as the birthday coupon I assume Build-a-Bear will send. All together, that would add up to almost half the cost of the bat. Then the $5 coupon for Barnes and Noble.... It's lovely when things like that enable one to not have to pay as much out of pocket!
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So, as people might expect from me by now, I still haven't bought those dolls. I want them, but I'm getting irritated that the price of the add-on one keeps increasing. It increased once shortly after I added her to my cart, and then the next day she had increased in price again! By now she really shouldn't be considered an add-on anymore. Since her low price was probably the main reason I was going to buy right then, the second price-raising, combined with the aggravation of online sales tax, made me decide to hold off for now. We'll see what happens after my birthday, I think.

Then there's another factor. I've wanted the Figuarts Sailor Moon figures since they first started coming out, but I wasn't willing or able to blow $50 on one figure. I check in on them every now and then, hoping for better prices. And I want to make sure I'm getting the genuine article and not a bootleg.

A couple of nights ago, frustrated with my hesitation to order the Everfree dolls, I started randomly browsing for Sailor Moon dolls and some neat listings for the Figuarts popped up too. One was a Buy It Now, but I wasn't impressed with the seller. The others were auctions, and I am impressed with the seller. I'm assuming they were listed low because the seller hoped a bid war would start. They're genuine, as I learned how to spot bootlegs. One already had a couple of bids. The other, incredibly, still does not. I happened upon things shortly before the first auction would end, and I considered trying to jump in and get the first figure. In the end, still conflicted, I didn't. Maybe I would have if I'd had more time to decide. I get really rattled when I have to decide something right away like that.

I think maybe I didn't jump in too because I was thinking if I won, I'd ask the seller if he'd combine shipping if I won the other auction as well, and part of me was thinking I wouldn't be able to afford two, even at the incredible price. But if I asked, I might for some reason end up getting the other regardless and spending more than I felt I should. And maybe I felt a little bad to take her away from the high bidder, heh. I don't like to do that and always feel a little bad to do it, even though I know all's fair in auctions. This last reason alone wouldn't have stopped me from bidding, however. It was mostly thinking a bid war would start and worrying about money. I do feel kind of sad for not trying to jump in and get her. I was worried too, I think, that an impulse bid might leave me with buyer's regret and I'd panic all over. For a product like this, maybe that wouldn't have happened, though.

Now the second one's auction will end soon and the lack of bids makes me want to give it a shot. Even with the shipping price, she would be way less than what I could get her for in a store. And since she is genuine, and one of my favorites, I feel like I want to and should try for her. I may not have a chance anyway, as bids could suddenly appear at the last moment, but I want to try. Oddly, the first one never got any more bids after that first two. I was stunned.

So ... I guess we'll see what happens. If I do get her, I'll probably save her for opening on my birthday, same as the DVD set. Like with Belle two years ago, saving for then feels like a challenge, and that if I break it, I'll be spoiling something for my birthday.

There is one other I'm considering too. She's a little more than these, but still way better then what I'd find in a store. Part of me says if I get one, I'll stop there. The other part says I'll only want the others even more after getting one. The latter is probably closer to the truth when it comes to something awesome like these.
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So the DVD set arrived on time and it looks awesome! I think it's going to be hard not to open it and dig out some of my favorite episodes to watch, like the St. Anne ones and Holy Matrimony! (LOL.) I remember some of the utter nonsense in Pokemon episodes and I suppose it's not unlike how one must suspend disbelief to enjoy TMNT 87. Specifically, I'm snerking remembering those ridiculous "invisibility" outfits from Holy Matrimony! Also, one of my favorite lines is from that episode, when James describes a marble home: "It was like a mausoleum with bedrooms and bathrooms!" ROTFLOL.

I'm still debating whether to get the dolls. I want them, yet I worry that getting them may cancel out something else later that maybe I'd want more, so I keep waffling. The other side of the coin is that it may be my only other chance to get Lyra and Sweetie Drops dolls, and I had wanted them a couple of years ago when the first dolls of them came out.

And I'm just not sure what to ask for, for my birthday. The only thing I've seen locally that I might consider asking for is the Orange Islands set, and yet I still hesitate for a couple of reasons. One, Dad never was crazy about Pokemon. It seemed like he disliked it even more than the Turtles. But he did cave and get me some of those videos when the Dollar Tree had them. But that was years ago and maybe he's forgotten that and he'd only remember his dislike of the show. But more importantly, Two, I hate to ask for anything because one of those big expenses was supposed to be paid this month. I'd feel like a heel to add another expense. Honestly, if it wasn't for knowing that Mom will feel really sad if there isn't something they can get for me, I probably wouldn't ask for anything and would just plan to buy it all myself. There will already be the gas money expense of the shopping spree and it seems awful to even think of another one.

I guess that's another part of the appeal of maybe getting the dolls, that they would probably show up in time for my birthday too and they could be another gift to myself. LOL. If I just can't think of anything to ask for, I'd like for there to be some kind of presents for the day. But I don't really have room for them and I don't want to pay more attention to them than to my Turtles figures, even though that is highly unlikely of happening. And I also don't want to pay less attention to them than I should. I dunno; I've been pretty happy for months just focusing on Turtles stuff and haven't really wanted much else after getting hold of all the Mega Construx figures I could. But when the dolls were something I wanted and there may not be another chance ... sigh.

This is usually how it always goes, with most of what I want either existing online only or being things that I wouldn't want to ask for because of awkwardness and would rather get for myself. My parents don't really do the online shopping bit very much, so the online only stuff is pretty much out unless Dad just gives me the money and I get it myself, which doesn't really have birthday magic to it. Usually I end up having to swallow my misgivings and ask for something I was hesitant to ask for. Usually that works out okay after all. But I worry about that big expense and not wanting to add another, even a small expense....


Sep. 21st, 2017 03:19 am
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After weeks, I'm finally out of the horrible Marble Zone in Sonic 1! **dances.** And as a demonstration of how awful that zone is, by comparison, when I got to Spring Hill Zone or whatever it's called, I got through the first two acts within a few minutes of arriving! I'm still in the third act and it's slightly annoying, but nothing like Marble Zone! Ugh, that zone was not fun at all. Whoever designed that zone must have been a sadist. All the lava pits and bats knocking you into lava pits when you finally thought you'd cleared them, and so many ways to fall down through the zone when it was almost complete....

I was seriously thinking of deleting the game and not even trying to finish it because Marble was giving me so much trouble. And yet I was really sure that eventually, somehow, I'd make it out. I am so glad I did. But unless I can unlock Tails or Knuckles and find new ways through that horrible place, I'm not going to want to replay the game because of that zone.

Planning my shopping spree itinerary for my birthday. I think Toys R Us will be the headlining place, of course. So hoping I can find something there I'll be able to buy. I must give them business! But I also want to get to Build-a-Bear and get that beautiful new bat, check our favorite decor store while we're there and probably peek in The Disney Store and Hallmark too. Then I plan to get to Target and I think I should visit the party store right around the corner from it. Either of them might possibly help with the costume pieces. I usually also like to go to Wal-Mart. And getting a pizza is a must.

Also pondering whether to get those Lyra and Sweetie Drops dolls after all. They sold out of the Fashion style Starlight before I made up my mind, but they still have the dolls. But ironically, I think that when I add up the cost, they're going to be ONE CENT short of free shipping. **repeated headdesk.** So I'm not sure about that, since I'd need to add something else to the order. I still kind of want a Team Rocket shirt instead, but there I have the problem that if I get the design I saw at F.Y.E., you can clearly see what Jessie is wearing and Dad would go through the ceiling if he saw me wearing the shirt. Then the other design has Meowth in front of her so you can't see how skimpy it is, but it has "Prepare for trouble and make it double" around the picture, and he'd probably try to read that and I'd end up having to explain that the characters are antagonists. Whee. Fun times. I still haven't had the courage to say that Baxter, Barney, and Z are antagonists in canon. To me they're not antagonists and I didn't make plushies of bad guys because I'm thinking of my verse (and also that in canon, Baxter started out trying to be honest and only went bad when he got unstable and later cracked up), but Dad wouldn't be thrilled, I'm sure. Anyway, I should just forget the Team Rocket shirt idea, but now that I know there really are shirts with them, it's awfully hard to make myself stop wanting one.

Ah well. Now, on to the first proofread of Electric Soul! I imagine there will be two or three proofreads overall.


Sep. 17th, 2017 05:23 am
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Finally got the Z icon I've been using on Dreamwidth over to LJ too. But that only worked because I removed the Mannix icon, thinking it would still be represented on my LJ header. And the header is gone. Why is it gone? I thought it was Photobucket's fault, but when I went to try to fix it under Customize Journal Style, I couldn't even see any place to input a header URL, just a background image URL. **repeated headdesk.** What's going on.... Did LJ remove my layout's ability to have a header overnight? I've looked everywhere and I don't find anything helpful or any place to input the URL.

... Oh. Nevermind, I finally fixed it. Forgot I had to use Custom CSS to have a header. It was Photobucket's fault. Once I replaced the URL in that section, it worked. Yay!

So I'm working on the current story and it's come out well, except that I think it moved faster than I intended and it has even less details than usual. The ones meant to be lighter seem to be especially lax on details. I figure I'll try sleeping on it and then see how I feel when I wake up.

It puzzles me because originally I had intended for it to be lighter/funnier and instead it ended up taking another path that made it darker/more intense, yet the mostly-dialogue way it went is more like the way it would have been as a lighter story. I feel like I need to slow it down/lengthen it somehow. If it's going to be more intense, I think it needs either more details or more meatier conversations in places. I don't know; the story decided to come out a certain way and I'm not certain I can change it, yet it's way shorter than I'd wanted and so dialogue-heavy. It's driving me nuts! And yet I like what I have. I just want more of it. I am so conflicted.

Good thing I already planned my Indigo Pokemon set would be my birthday Amazon order. That makes me a little less impatient about the fact that they still haven't shipped it. Looks like it's going to be one of those times where it takes five days or more to ship. At least when that happens, they usually rush the shipping so it comes in around three days instead of a week.

One thing I didn't mention was that at Wal-Mart this past Monday, I saw they had the Orange Islands and Johto Journeys sets. I strongly considered getting the Orange Islands one, as it was listed as only $9.97! Then I decided maybe I should come home and check Amazon's price and see an episode guide first or something, as I didn't think I'd seen many of the Orange Island episodes. When I came home and looked, I found the Indigo set and decided I wanted to use my gift card on that. With the gift card, the price I'd have to pay out of pocket would be around the same price I would have paid for Orange Islands at Wal-Mart. I also saw that Amazon is charging $19.99 for the Orange Island set. I wonder a bit if Wal-Mart's price is a typo!

I'm trying to remember when Pokemon went downhill for me. I know Advanced or thereabouts was when I called it quits because I just couldn't take the extreme dumbing down of Team Rocket, but it seems like the pattern started in Master Quest. So I believe I really only fully liked the first four seasons. Not quite sure about Master Quest, though. It was so long ago. But it does seem like that's when it started, and when Advanced started I wasn't sure whether to even try it, and then I did and soon got bent out of shape. I liked May because Misty's temper always scared me, and I did like at least one Team Rocket episode, I think, the one where they had to let their long-standing Pokemon go in order to save them (if I'm remembering right?), but aside from that, I just couldn't take their characterization that season. I have heard they get better in other seasons. I probably would have kept trying it now and then if not for the voice actor changes and the show leaving Kids WB (and my easy access).

Since I'm still unsure what to ask for for my birthday, I'm considering asking for the Orange Island set. And I'm considering buying the Johto Journeys set, probably on the birthday shopping spree, but maybe the day before, when we get groceries. I've had a long-standing debate over whether to get this set Wal-Mart has of the first four Mary Tyler Moore seasons for $19.99. Epic price for sure! I haven't seen much of the show, but I like it, and I thought it might give me some plunnies for stories about the Channel 6 crew. But if it's a debate between that or a show I already like to the point of being a fan, the show I'm a fan of will probably win.

Of course, who knows. I might get both or neither. I've also considered The Munsters set. I used to watch it when it aired on Channel 14 many years ago. I thought it was adorable and I liked it way better than The Addams Family. The Addams Family was always more popular, maybe because it originated in comic strips years before, but probably because it was much more macabre, creepy-weird, and filled with black humor. The Munsters was more like a cute domestic comedy where the family just so happened to be Halloween monsters, which suits my tastes much better.

I did ponder some time back on how it seems like the Channel 6 crew have approximate character parallels with Mary Tyler Moore characters, LOL.

April and Mary
Burne and Lou
Vernon and Ted
Irma and Rhoda

Of course, the guys' parallels seem closest. But I think all those characters would probably get along very well with each other, for the most part. (Either that or some might repel each other; I could see Vernon and Ted either being friends or repelling each other because they're too much alike, LOL. Although I think Vernon doesn't seem as clueless as Ted. And Ted seems like a nicer guy.) Mary and Rhoda are more mature than April and Irma, I think, but they could potentially still get along. If I do get the set and see a lot of the show, a crossover probably isn't out of the question. Or at least some extended cameos.


Sep. 15th, 2017 06:38 pm
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I've been missing Fred Meyer's ever since we moved down here. When I heard they had built one about ten minutes away, I was thrilled. I finally saw it yesterday, however, and now I'm not so thrilled. It was more like a big Smith's with a clothing shop in the middle of it. The toy department was kind of pathetic. Instead of being more like ShopKo or K-Mart, it felt like the old grocery store toy sections. Although, granted, they did have more toys than a typical grocery store, but not as much as Fred Meyer's used to have. And the prices are horrible. $17-something for a Fashion Style Pony?! That's even worse than Walgreen's price! But at least I saw some new Pony merchandise I hadn't seen before, so that was fun to look at.

Now, Smith's bought Fred Meyer's years ago and converted them to Smith's Marketplace, it's true. But the ones where we used to live were still Fred Meyer's. Only the name had changed. I guess if they build them from the ground up, they make them more like Smith's. Now I'm wondering what the ones in the old area are like, if they're still Fred Meyer's inside or if they've all been remodeled and have less merchandise, like Smith's.

I was there in the first place not just to see what it was like, but as part of my search for Halloween costume pieces. I didn't have any luck there. Whereas Fred Meyer's in the old area had a big costume section, this one was dinky and not much better than a regular Smith's. And they had inflatable graves like like year, only these had dumb epitaphs that weren't even creepy. They said dumb things like, "I liked bacon" and "Dead Fred." Compare that to last year's, which had corny but creepy things like "I'll be back" and "Rest in pieces."

I also looked at the Wal-Mart in that town. They had a wonderful selection of stuff, but not what I wanted. I am especially baffled at the lack of lab coats. Mad scientists are a Halloween staple! There's never been a year when I didn't see lab coats. Surely they're still coming. I'm more worried about the wig problem. I may end up having to get that one that looks like season 1 Baxter's hairstyle, even though I really don't want to.

ShopKo was horrible. I thought maybe if I looked early in the season, they'd have more stuff. Their costume section was just as pathetic as the last couple of years. Barely any costumes and only a handful of wigs way too expensive for just Halloween usage. It's sad. I remember when their Halloween section was epic. It was one of the best ones that I looked forward to seeing the most.

At least the trip wasn't a total loss. I finally found a nice birthday present for a friend and can at last mail her birthday (and Christmas!) stuff. And I saw two Baxters in the figure department. Honestly, all the Wal-Marts except ours are ordering more than one set of the Mutagen Canisters now. I don't know why ours always has to be so insistent on just one at a time. Ugh.

It was a beautiful overcast day and fell like Fall, and the sight of the Baxters gave me a special sense of nostalgia, both of when I found mine early this year and shopping times years ago when I found YGO merchandise. The feeling only lasted for a minute, as I was walking outside in the gloriously cloudy day, but it was nice. I miss when YGO was in first-run and I found something neat pretty much every time I was out. And discovering figures of favorite characters was always the best part. Or shirts.

And I did end up ordering the Indigo Pokemon DVD set. I kept wanting it really badly and felt like I was just torturing myself by waiting, so I ordered it early Thursday morning. As usual, I immediately waffled over whether I'd made the right decision, especially when I saw eBay had it for a few dollars less. Problem is, for me it wouldn't really be less since I'd have to pay entirely in cash on eBay. On Amazon, most of it is paid with the gift card. After I'd slept, I felt at peace and that I'd made the right decision and got what I really wanted. It hasn't shipped yet. It will probably show up next week sometime, either two weeks before my birthday or less than that. And I probably will try to save it for opening on my birthday, as planned, since I likely wouldn't be doing another Amazon order to be the birthday order.
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Working on a Turtles fic, but I'm not quite sure what to do with it and my attention keeps wandering, hence why I'm writing this long entry.

I never did take the time to record what I thought of the other two Equestria Girls shorts. I loved the first one so much because it seemed to go back to the formula that really worked, the urban setting and school stuff going on and no constant magical powers courtesy of mysterious stones.

The other two shorts I liked less than the first one, even though they also had things I liked.

Spoilers )

So yeah, in the end, it was a mixed bag and I haven't bought the DVD yet. I'm debating whether I really want to, since I only really liked the first short and there were just things I liked in the other two rather than liking them as a whole.

It feels so good knowing autumn is on its way. The days are getting shorter and some days are getting a little cooler and it's wonderful. I feel sad for Mom, as she always feels bad when summer ends, especially if we haven't been able to do much during it, but autumn is totally my favorite season and I am always so relieved to say Goodbye to summer heat and Hello to autumn leaves, spooky stuff, and my birthday. Heh.

I'm also wondering, honestly, what to even ask for on my birthday or what I might like to buy on my celebratory shopping spree. I'm pretty happy/content at this point in time and can't seem to think of much I want, at least that would be available around here. If I saw, say, season 2 of U.N.C.L.E. or that awesome Charlie's Angels boxset or season 1 of Rockford, or the other DuckTales and Talespin DVDs (or new human Baxter merchandise!), I'd be happy to snap them up. But I'm unlikely to see them offline (and unlikely to see human Baxter merchandise at all). I'll still want to have the shopping spree, though.

Normally one thing I always ask for is the latest Clair Poulson novel. But the one he's just released didn't sound quite as compelling to me as most of his books do, so I'm a little "Eh" right now. It sounded like it might focus on romance even more than most of them do. Honestly, as much as I love the plots and suspense and most of the characters, I get really bored when there almost always has to be a romance. I just tolerate it because the rest is so great. I think he only has one book where there isn't a romance between the male and female leads, and that's Conflict of Interest. I should read it again. It was a breath of fresh air to see a friendship instead.

Maybe for the shopping spree I'll focus on trying to get the other pieces I'll need for my Baxter Halloween costume. I really only need a wig and the coat; I have everything else. And without K-Mart, that seriously limits my costuming options. Sigh. They had such a good selection of stuff. ShopKo used to, but the last couple of years they've hardly had anything. Wal-Mart usually has a pretty good line-up, so I'm hoping I'll be able to find what I want there. If that fails, I guess there's Target and maybe a party store to try. The lab coat should be easy to procure, but the wig may be a little harder. Baxter's hair is such a unique color. I'd be willing to get a blond one if it was the right style, but I'd prefer light brown. And wild scientist wigs usually only come in white.

Most years, I'm lucky to find one or two things I want on the shopping spree. A lot of years, I find nothing and decide what I really want is online and get it there (and have to wait for a week to get it in the mail, sigh). Last year was one of the best times I've had in ages. I got ... let's see ... the Indigo Zap doll, a Real Ghostbusters DVD, the plushie that became Baxter, a YGO book (not a manga, a book about the anime and the characters and such), and TMNT seasons 1 and 4. It was so awesome.

Seems like most of the Pony Movie toys coming out are Sea Pony related or Ponies dressed as pirates. The new characters I wouldn't want toys of until I see whether I like their characters. And I have no desire to own the established characters in Sea Pony or Pirate form. I want to see the movie, but I am not thrilled at all about the main characters having to change into mermaids and blowfish (WTH, poor Spike). And since that seems to be one of the main product lines being pushed, it seems like it must last longer than one scene in the movie where they go for help. Then again, I guess some of the other lines have been based on scenes in the show that were only one scene. One can only hope.

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