Sep. 15th, 2017 08:34 pm
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So now there's a virus thing that affects many different kinds of devices with Bluetooth on, including Android smartphones and tablets. I have an Android tablet and Bluetooth was on to connect the keyboard. I've turned it off and am trying to find a patch that will work for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, but it looks like there isn't a relevant one yet.

For Apple people, I'm told they already have a security patch for the problem. Windows, Linux, and Android are still vulnerable. There's a patch for Nexus and Pixel, I think, but other Android devices don't have anything yet, it seems.

Ugh, I hope the thing hasn't already infected the tablet. People who sit around inventing viruses are complete scum.
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I just love when I add a scene to a story, then do something like have a character come back from the kitchen before he's gone to the kitchen.

I.E., the scene originally had him taking ice to the kitchen. Then I realized I didn't specify he came back, so I tried inserting a sentence saying he came back ... and somehow I didn't realize that I'd inserted it at a point before he'd even left! Seriously? Seriously?!

At least I've fixed it now, but 25 people have already seen the screwy version. Maybe hopefully they were too focused on the overall plot to really notice....

(And yes, I do proofread my stuff. Repeatedly. Sometimes it doesn't go up for days because I'm still doing proofreads. But that scene was a last addition, spreading out something that had been summarized, and I thought everything was cool and I could upload the fic. Ugggh.)
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So I've been longing to play the earliest Sonic games, as I sometimes long to do, and I remembered seeing that at least the first one seems to be available as a free legal download. I went looking for it and found the mobile version, which I promptly downloaded onto my tablet and started playing. I loved playing the first stage and finally getting to play the iconic first battle between Sonic and Eggman!

Second stage, second act is proving far more aggravating. There don't seem to be signposts to mark my progress, so every time I die I have to start from the beginning of the act. Worst of all, Sonic often moves on his own, usually causing all kinds of trouble when he does. I've kept my fingers off the controllers and watched and the game is definitely moving him without my permission. 99% of the time, it causes trouble. I tried to find a way to shut it off under Settings, but there doesn't seem to be a way. If I can't make it stop, I may have to give up and uninstall the game. I don't appreciate it not letting me make my own decisions about when and how to move Sonic at critical points.

Aside from that extreme aggravation, it's an interesting game. But I definitely like Sonic 3 and Knuckles the best, and not just because of Knuckles being introduced. Those games seemed a lot more detailed in the levels than these. And maybe I feel a little lonely when Sonic is by himself without Tails. But I want to keep playing and see all the levels.

Finally got that Turtles fic done and moved on to the next one. It's coming out far easier, so I wonder if my problem with the previous one was what I wondered to begin with and I shouldn't have combined the two plot points I did with it. To me they didn't mesh so well and I think that's at least partially why I was having such extreme trouble with the content of the subplot. Originally the subplot was supposed to be the main plot and what became the main plot hadn't even been conceived of yet. I think the finished product looks good, thankfully, but the subplot definitely doesn't have as much content as originally planned because I just couldn't make it fit. The current fic seems to work better with that subplot, so at least I am getting to do more with that in an environment that works for it.


Aug. 27th, 2017 08:24 pm
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I'm still working with that Turtles fic that was giving me trouble, and it still is giving me trouble. I have, thankfully, been able to get more scenes into it, though. But it's moving very slowly and my attention is still wandering. I'm anxious to do the class reunion story after this one. I already had ideas, and maybe yesterday did give me a little more inspiration too.

Now that I'm more awake than when I wrote the long post in the morning, I find I'm feeling more disappointed and sad about the shortness and understatedness of the class reunion. It seemed like so much work for such a little event. The dinner was wonderful, but like I said, it seemed like there wasn't much more than that and it seemed like it should have been a bigger affair when it was the last official reunion. Heck, the first time I went, they even had a bit with door prizes and stuff and we won a nice hardback novel by a popular local author! And then last year's fifties mini-concert.... This year there was a cute song written to celebrate, and one guy gave a nice speech and the class song was sung, and that was pretty much it besides the dinner. It's weird when milestone events aren't as big as previous ones. This was the last official reunion and there wasn't much to it. Same with the Scottish Festival when they did their 25th Anniversary celebration. It was so lackluster compared to the previous year. But eh, maybe when everybody's getting on so much by now, they were happy for a more low-key reunion.

Still kind of wanting that snow cane maker. Maybe I should see if Wal-Mart carries it and how much they charge. I wonder if they might clearance it as part of summer clearancing, if they have it at all. And I'll stay alert for any possible reason to get to the local K-Mart this week, both for the snow cane maker and also just because, well, I'd still like to say another Goodbye. Especially after seeing the disaster that was the other K-Mart. I don't really want that to be my last memory of the store. Mom's longing to get out somewhere, especially since she wasn't able to go on Saturday. Maybe Dad would be willing to take us to that town this coming week. It's not very far at all.

I also discovered that there is some distressing/holes in the Turtles shirt I got, but only on Leonardo. That makes me wonder if it's not supposed to be there and it's a damaged shirt. I tried so hard to find a good one. One had weird stains of something on it, which I immediately put back, and when I found the one I got I thought it was fine. I didn't realize I needed to check to make sure the picture wasn't damaged. I can't find it on F.Y.E.'s website to see what it looks like there and I wouldn't know how to find it anywhere else. There's just so many Turtles shirts out there. I have no idea when we might be able to go to the little F.Y.E. that's closer or if they'd even have the shirt, so maybe I should just say "Screw it" and start wearing it. It's not a lot of distressing, but if it's not supposed to be there then I wonder how durable the whole picture is. I really hate raised-up designs, since they can peel and flake and everything. The best kind is when it's imprinted right into the shirt's threads. The America shirt is like that, and some of my custom-made classic TV shirts.

I hope I won't regret that I didn't walk down the sidewalk from F.Y.E. and see if the Spirit Halloween store was open. Usually Halloween stores close at 8, so I figured it wasn't open, but there were lights and something was flashing in the window that could have been an Open sign. I was worried about taking a lot of time shopping, since I knew Dad wanted to get home and Mom would be worried, but also, I figured I should really check Wal-Mart's costume selection first, since a Halloween store would be more expensive. Wal-Mart should start getting Halloween stuff in within a week.

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