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So ... Mom got the urge she wanted to see the movie The Notebook. We got it from Netflix and watched it tonight.

The present-day story is very powerful, poignant, beautiful, and heartbreaking. I really felt for the couple and could see that their love was strong and true.

But ...

The past story just doesn't measure up. I don't get the vibe that the couple is deeply in love in the past. What I get from the past story is that they're overly obsessed with wanting to climb into each other's pants. Now I know sexual desires are part of a romantic relationship, but if you're not careful in how the story is written, it's going to come out looking like it's lust instead of love. This did not feel like love.

The story in the past as it is is badly cliched and doesn't seem well-written. A standard "two kids from different stations in life are supposedly in love and the parents don't approve" sort of thing. If written well, it can work. But this is just one bad cliche after another. And when it seemed like the only stuff we ever saw was either them arguing or them trying to eat each other up or make out, eh, I just couldn't get behind the relationship. It didn't feel special or real or beautiful at all.

Sometimes it's funny when a couple argues a lot, but it only works if you can tell they love each other deep down. I didn't get that vibe from Noah and Allie. I got the vibe that they did not click together and did not respect each other. At least, I certainly didn't feel he respected her.

Okay, I did like that he remembered everything she wanted done with the house. That was sweet. And I liked the letter bit. Honestly, that kind of sweetness fit the guy in the present. Everything else about Noah in the past ... really did not fit the guy in the present.

Honestly, the second guy Allie meets up with is a much better guy. Noah always came across like a jerk and I never liked him from the get-go once we got into the past. Lon was nice and respectful, save for the first time she met him when he was wounded and he seemed to kind of make a pass at her. Since he was nice every other time, I'd probably say being wounded made him act out a bit. Noah can't have any such excuse.

In the end, I can't help it, I'd rather believe that the guy who loves her so deeply in the present is Lon and that she had him instead of Noah. The guy's personality in the present is much closer to Lon's, and it occurred to me too that when you see the pictures of them through the years, James Garner in the younger pictures of him looks much more like an older Lon than Noah. Part of me wonders if originally it was supposed to be Lon because Noah just doesn't seem to make sense, personality-wise.

In the end, though, heh, Allie wasn't very nice to Lon, running off to see Noah and ending up jumping in bed with him when she was engaged to Lon. Lon deserved better and Noah and Allie probably deserved each other. And I don't mean they deserved each other in a positive way.

I don't know; the past story is just a mess. The present-day story is so beautiful and bittersweet and heartbreaking and I wish the past story really fit it better. From the present-day story, I expected to get a beautiful romance in the past, and honestly, I didn't. I got a lustful disaster.

I don't like to completely bash the story itself, because I read that the book's author was inspired to write the story because of meeting his wife's grandparents, who had been married for 60 years. He wanted to capture the beauty of a relationship that had lasted that long. Maybe the book actually does. I would hope so. The movie just doesn't cut it. And I honestly can't say I'm glad I finally saw it after hearing so much hype about it through the years. The only content I really liked was the present-day story, as well as Lon in the past.

At least I got a little more sewing done while we were watching. I'll have Barney's coat done soon, I hope.

And I did decide to write the funny story next. I think it's almost done. I'm pretty happy with it.
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So now LJ is apparently making up tags for me? It stuck the number fifty in as a tag and claims there's one usage of it. Naturally, when I click, it goes nowhere since there is no such tag. I deleted it from the list. It had better not come back. Or be replaced by another. I really do not appreciate my journal being tinkered with in any way. I also hate how if you write a number in an entry, it will automatically get linked to a search for it. Maybe that's only if there's a hashtag with it, but ugh, this isn't Twitter! People I know use LJ because it isn't Twitter. Or Facebook, etc. And we liked it better before the changes that started to make it more like them.

But seriously, making up tags? That is inexcusable. Unless it's some kind of a glitch. And if it is, it had better be fixed quickly, unlike how they claimed the extra ads were a glitch yet they did nothing about them until apparently the last mass migration from the site in April.

... Yeah.

Jun. 22nd, 2017 04:46 am
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You know you're probably too obsessed with a character when you feel bad to kill a filthy fly to keep it from getting in the house as soon as the door's opened. But I killed it anyway, regardless of it reminding me of poor Baxter. I wasn't about to fight with a fly in the living room. I would have captured it alive if I could have and turned it loose elsewhere on the property, but I didn't have anything with me to enable me to catch it alive. And of course, I couldn't go through the door to get something or it would have got in. (I could have gone in and out through the garage way, but by then it might have gone into hiding and still popped out when someone tried to go through the front door....)

There's also a giant miller loose in the garage, where I couldn't get to it. Ugh. If that gets in the house, we will not be happy either. I hate moths....

And I've gotta say, as much as I hate humans turning into non-mutant animals, Bebop's line in Bye, Bye, Fly regarding Shredder is classic: "How come we have to take orders from an insect?!" ROTFLOL. It makes me think, of all things, of the utter preposterousness of a BAKED BEAN being the Big Bad in that Xiaolin Showdown cartoon. I always wondered why it had minions that agreed to help it. They must have either really respected it or they saw its plans were working and they'd get rich from it. But seriously, WTH. As much as I enjoy lighter things these days, that is still too out there for me.

Fiddling with the next story, which is a crossover between the 87 series and the 1990s movie verse. And worried about listing it as being for the 87 series since there some extensive flashbacks to things in the movie verse.... Such scenes are far longer and more detailed here than in the Platinum Dunes crossover. Of course, the 87 verse is still the "host" verse and the movie verse characters are guest-stars, but since there's scenes featuring just the movie verse characters, I worry. Still, there's not much else I can do since I can't list both of them like I can on AO3, and when picking one, it definitely seems like it should be 87 verse.

It's times like this when I realize how deeply affected I still am by that WWW reviewer who slammed me for making oneshot characters so important in those stories. Now I'm always worrying about doing something that will make the readers mad in every fandom. Ugh. I still do what I want, but I worry about it.

But on the plus side, agreed to add both Barney and Z as character choices! Squeee. I made immediate use of both of those options.


May. 25th, 2017 04:41 am
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So I think I've resolved my problem about the apartment versus the house and Baxter will live both places, as he's currently doing, more or less. He'll probably always sleep at Barney's. ThickerThanLove and I figured out where Barney probably lives (I wanted it to be in Manhattan, so probably the Upper East Side, back a ways, maybe closer to the river ... although probably not where the river is actually in sight) and that Baxter, April, and Irma possibly live not too far away in Murray Hill and Channel 6 is probably close as well, so commuting won't be a problem.

Also pondering the idea that Baxter may have studied a lot about biology, as he seemed to have some interest in it judging from his comment in The Killer Pizzas about wanting to study Dimension X wildlife, and then there's the scene where he's examining the fragment of the Eye of Sarnoth and the plant spores in It Came From Beneath the Sewers. Also, he looked so disgusted/repulsed by the green mud stuff he had to wipe off the fragment. LOL. Can't blame him there. Maybe I'll make biology his secondary field.

I adore Baxter so much, but sometimes I feel like Barney is more "my" character than Baxter is, since Barney was only used in one episode and he hence has had to be fleshed out way more than Baxter. Of course, neither of them are really mine, but I often come to feel that the oneshot or recurring characters I deal with are half-mine because of everything I've done with them.

Trying Amazon Prime again, as they offered another free trial and I needed to purchase a digital converter box (AGAIN), so I did the trial to get it here. Then I got Mom's Mother Day present from there. Now I'd like to get something for myself before the trial expires at the beginning of June. Debating whether to get season 2 of The Virginian, which is finally low enough that I feel it's a real possibility, or if I'd rather get a couple of cheaper things (like the non-double-sided disc re-release of season 1 of The Rockford Files that I just discovered exists for $7!). I like The Virginian, but unlike something like Knight Rider where I'm just all into it and adore the show enough on its own that there's no question of whether to purchase, with The Virginian I buy seasons to get certain episodes. I love the show a lot, but I have so little money that I feel I must be very careful what I purchase to make sure I get what I really want the very most. And sometimes The Virginian episodes can be so depressing that I kind of get frustrated. I think there's more that end good than ones that end bad, though.

I just looked at the episode guide for season 2 of The Virginian. I got excited at first, seeing some of the neat episodes in there, and then I saw a couple of the depressing ones and wasn't sure again what I wanted to do. I am so mad that they killed off Molly. I liked that they didn't have her fade into nothingness, but she could have moved away or something. What makes it worse is that The Virginian was just going to propose to her and she was shot dead. UGH. I hate that type of plotline! You don't want the character to be married, okay. I totally get that and usually agree with it. But why make things so freakin' saaad? I know, tragedy, drama, sympathize with the character, yadda yadda. But it's so unnecessary.

Still, though, there's two Joseph episodes and a Darren episode that season, although the only one I was really after was one of the Joseph ones where his character turns out to be a nice guy after all. The other two episodes, the darlings play flat-out bad guys. Then there's an episode where Trampas is reported dead and everyone's grieving and Steve comes, I guess to get the body, and then finds Trampas is alive and needs help. Even though I like Trampas better in the later seasons, that sounds so promising.

I won't decide anything at this point, but I'm going to be thinking about it and weighing the pros and cons. And when I've made a decision, hopefully by later today, I bet the prices will have changed again and not for the better. Ugh.

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