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Livejournal's updated terms of service admittedly disturb me, now that I've actually looked through them. I thought Livejournal was still a collaboration, but it sounds more like it's completely shifted control overseas. At this point, I am seriously contemplating moving here for real. Livejournal is mostly dead these days anyway. Maybe it's time for a change.

Currently I'm backing up the rest of my entries on my [personal profile] ladybug_archive DW. Over here, I've moved a couple more LJ icons into my list. Still love Perry, but I'm also nuts about the 87 Ninja Turtles series and am writing a huge continuing fanfic series based around it, starting at the end of season 7. I love it.

New Plans

Jul. 22nd, 2015 08:56 pm
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So I've been regretting importing my Livejournal in here, because I always intended this account to be separate and used for other things. I came in tonight trying to see what I could do about that and I discovered that I could delete all imported entries. I did that. Then I created an account specifically to be a back-up for LJ: [personal profile] ladybug_archive. I think an LJ back-up is a very good idea; I just preferred it to not be this account. So I guess we'll see where this account takes me in the future. I have some other silly Perry Mason songs I could post, for one thing.

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